Take a Virtual Tour of Network Aviation’s B747-400F Aircraft


Take a virtual tour of one of our B747-400F aircraft

Network Airline Management

We identified an exciting opportunity in the industry to give our customers and clients an in-depth look at how a Network Airline Management Boeing 747 freighter aircraft looks from the inside. Take a virtual tour of a B747-400F aircraft now!

In partnership with Mike Rivett from Fotomotion, an incredibly detailed 360° internal scan of the aircraft was captured with highly specialist cameras which allows us to take a view like very few have seen before!

This interactive virtual tour includes a full-length view of the main deck, on one of our B747F aircraft, and clearly highlights the different cargo positions such as A1, Q6 and all the Q7 positions as well as the main cargo door and roller bed facility. This allows those who haven’t stepped foot inside a freighter aircraft an intricate look at how and where cargo is loaded and positioned on our aircraft.

Various time-lapse videos demonstrate how precise and calculated it is to load large and heavy pieces of cargo on board. The B747-400F Aircraft virtual tour also includes a look at the upper deck including an expansive view of the flight deck as well as the crew rest area.

Start your own tour now by visiting our website at http://bit.ly/B747FVirtualTour or by clicking the button below.

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