Specialist Services

Network Airline Management offers various specialist cargo services. See the complete list below for more information.



Network Airline Management offers various specialist cargo services. Our team of cargo experts can carry virtually any type of air cargo anywhere in the world.

24 Hour Operational Control

We are always there for you. We operate a 24 hours a day, seven days a week operation control centre from our headquarters near London Gatwick Airport, UK.


We can deal with any enquiry, at any time of the day or night. We are always on hand to quote for urgent charter enquiries or keep you up to date with freight flight watch information or the posting of flight details.


Tel: +44 (0) 1293 744416

Hazardous, Oversized and Bulky Cargo

We have complete expertise in carrying all types of restricted, oversized or heavy cargo. Our team can help you to accurately identify exactly how awkward or oversized pieces of cargo can be safely transported by air. We can quickly calculate the feasibility and costs for handling and transporting your freight, and we can find cost-effective solutions for nearly all cargo requests.


Our experience and reputation in this area is backed by ongoing training for safe handling, transport and all applicable regulatory controls.

Humanitarian Flights

We specialise in cost effective delivery of urgent, international humanitarian and emergency aid. We work closely with relief agencies, such as Oxfam, Red Cross, Medicine Sans Frontier, UNICEF and UNHCR, providing freight charter capacity for foodstuffs, tents, vehicles and water purification equipment.

Oil and Gas Projects

We have a long-standing relationship with companies in the oil and gas industries. Our freight charter capacity is complemented by additional scheduled services to important destinations such as Port Harcourt, Point Noire, Port Gentil, Libreville and Malabo. We also operate many charters into Luanda from Singapore, Porto and Madrid.


We offer worldwide coverage for urgent and oversized cargo. Our nose loading B747-400F can carry pieces up to twenty meters in length, and up to thirty thousand kilos in weight.

Livestock Air Cargo

For over thirty five years we have specialised in the carriage of animals by air, particularly valuable bloodstock. We carry in complete safety, and with equal amounts of expert care, thoroughbred racehorses and day old chicks.


We use only the very best, fully certified penning equipment and work in conjunction with the leading suppliers for this specialised field.