Allied Air Cargo operates two flights for urgent materials for long overdue runway repairs at Abuja Airport


February 1st , 2017 - Allied Air Cargo operated two flights from its hub in Liege/LGG/ to the capital of Nigeria Abuja/ABV.

Allied Air Cargo

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February 1st , 2017 – Allied Air Cargo operated two flights from its hub in Liege/LGG/ to the capital of Nigeria Abuja/ABV.

The pay-load contained over 145 tons of construction material ordered by the Nigerian Government to carry out the urgent needed refurbishment of the single runway at Abuja airport.

Flights consisted of one full charter B747-400 freighter uplifting majority of the cargo (close to 115 ton gross). This flight was followed by an MD11 Freighter carrying the surplus to complement full uplift of complete shipment. Both flights landed at ABV airport within several hours of each other, making this project a great success for all parties involved.

The order for the construction material was a direct result on the decision by Nigerian officials as to the appalling state of the single runway at ABV airport, which was becoming a threat for flight safety hence an order for repair was issued.

Below quote from an International newspaper describes the detailed situation;

“The Abuja airport runway is completely damaged, the entire structure and the architecture is gone, the runway has failed, it is just a disaster waiting to happen.””

A Joint operation between German Logistics provider Transway Airfreight GmbH and Allied Air Cargo, resulted in the timely uplift of 145 tons of construction material.

The material consisted of; Asphalt, several items classified as Dangerous goods as well as spare parts for the machinery required to perform the repair work.

By personal involvement of Managing Director, Mr Lutz Klas, Transway Airfreight performed an outstanding job fulfilling all the aspects of the pre-flight process.

Gathering the material from several providers across Europe to their own facility nearby Frankfurt Airport.
Arranging airworthy packing at their in-house facility which was a task by itself.

The close cooperation with Allied Air operations team, who advised on the best way for packing, resulted in maximum utilisation of the chartered aircraft.

Pre-transport customs requirements including obtaining Form M
Save and on time delivery to Allied Air’s hub at LGG airport for the final stretch to ABV

All in all, this project was a prime example of how close cooperation between Forwarder and Airline results in positive synergy, bringing the project to maximum success for all parties involved.

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