Astral Aviation

Network Airline Management and Astral Aviation Partner to Fly Relief to Mozambique

Astral 747F Aircraft Managed by NAM

Network Airline Management (NAM) responded to an urgent request from Scan Global, Denmark to move a much needed relief aid to Mozambique after the devasting cyclone Idai. NAM and partner, Kenya’s all cargo airline Astral Aviation, flew 52 tonnes on its scheduled flight from Liege to Nairobi and transferred to Astral who operated 3 back to back B727F charters to Beira over a 3 day period.

Sam Lindsey, Commercial Manager at NAM said “once we received the request we worked on all possibilities to move the cargo as quickly as possible. We were unable to confirm ground handling equipment to support a wide bodied freighter and the quickest solution was to operate via Nairobi and transfer to Astral Aviation’s B727Fs to fly directly in to Beira.”

The final aid was successfully delivered to Beira airport on 28th March where it was distributed by UN agencies to meet the immediate needs on the ground for the affected region. ¬The cargo consisted of important medicines, vital foodstuffs, emergency tents, shelters and life saving hospital equipment.

The charter was organised by Scan Global Logistics who are a major provider of global aid & relief logistics solutions to world leading NGO's based in Copenhagen, Denmark.