Network Airline Services, the Global GSA has been appointed Cargo GSA in Europe for Sunwing Airlines Starting Dec 2015.

Thanks to its long term and trustful relationship with its Canadian Partner: Network Cargo System, the GSA side of the Network Aviation Group - Network Airline Services has been appointed Sunwing Cargo GSA in Europe.

Florent Turlier, NAS Sales and Services Manager is in charge of developing this new product within Europe. Mr. Turlier will be in close contact with All NAS European Offices. Over the previous years, Network Airline Services has launched several New Airlines into the market with great success, we are confident that Sunwing will also obtain the same success.

Sunwing Airlines - Canada's leading leisure airline.

Sunwing Airlines' impressive fleet of Boeing 737- 800s are not only fuel-efficient, but they also contribute to a reduced carbon footprint and has one of the industry's lowest cost bases. Sunwing Airlines' growth strategy has included bringing service to the doorsteps of Canadians in smaller markets as well as providing more frequent flights to those in larger cities.

Sunwing and Sunwing Airlines operate from more gateways in Canada than any other tourism provider. With departures from 33 Canadian gateways to 48 destinations in 21 countries, Sunwing opens up "sun" vacations beyond Canada's major urban centres. They now also operate from 3 US gateways to 3 countries allowing Sunwing to lead the way with convenient departures from Canadian cities to some of the most popular vacationing destinations.